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Visionable is the first video collaboration platform designed especially for healthcare teams’ advanced clinical needs.

Care designed by people. For people.

When it comes to delivering world-class care to people, nothing should stand in the way. But today's health and care teams are being asked to do much more, with less. We’re helping teams envision new ways of working.

About us

One platform for redesigning teamwork

Unrestricted meeting capabilities

A whole new way of bringing the team together. Visionable combines next-generation video conferencing with unparalleled clinical imaging capabilities.

“What differentiates Visionable from its competitors is the simplicity of use backed up by a depth of capability that far exceeds anything that I have seen so far.”

Mark Large Former Chair of London NHS CIO council and Former CIO for Great Ormond Street

More than just a conference call

Because Visionable was designed especially for healthcare, it’s ideal for clinical settings. Clinicians can monitor and consult with patients virtually, with all of the required records, scans, and pathology images at their fingertips.

"I was impressed to see the progress made by South Devon. In particular, their use of technology to connect the workforce which means patients spend less time in hospital.”

Jeremy Hunt UK Foreign Secretary & Former Health Secretary

Transforming care

At its core, healthcare is about people. Visionable helps teams design new ways of working that put people at the center. To give everyone the best possible care, wherever they are, whenever they need it.

“Visionable enables us to bring critical stroke care to patients wherever they are, when they need it most, so we can diagnose and treat them faster.”

Lynda Sibson Stroke Telemedicine Manager East of England Stroke Telemedicine Stakeholder Partnership

How Visionable can help

Visionable is already empowering new ways of working for healthcare professionals across the globe, in every clinical practice

Outpatient clinics & virtual consultations

From routine GP appointments to complex specialist consultations, Visionable makes it easy for patients and healthcare teams to meet virtually, with all of the necessary records, diagnostics and imaging at the care providers’ fingertips.

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Multi-disciplinary teams

Coordinating doctors, nurses, diagnostic experts and other key people for extended team meetings can be challenging. Visionable brings teams together virtually, with all of the tools and information they need to make actionable decisions.

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Acute care

When a patient needs immediate diagnosis and treatment, Visionable can connect them quickly to critical expertise. Visionable has already enabled the accelerated treatment of over 4,000 stroke patients in East of England, significantly improving their recoveries.

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Connected ambulance

Visionable is transforming ambulances into mobile A&E facilities by enabling paramedics to connect instantly to critical care team expertise whilst in the field. This minimizes unnecessary A&E admissions, and most importantly, affords all patients equal access to the best care available.

Virtual wards & in-home care

Visionable enables care teams to monitor and treat patients remotely, so patients can remain at home, in their home hospital, or in hospice, whilst still receiving the best care available.

Education & training

When knowledge and skills are shared, everybody benefits. Visionable makes it easy to bring medical professionals from across the country - or from around the world - together for training sessions and collaboration.

Features designed for clinical environments

One platform

The only end-to-end system designed especially for healthcare

Native resolution

Unique, patented pixel-for-pixel quality imaging

Multi-camera capabilities

View groups in large rooms from multiple vantage points

Unlimited participants

Host meetings of every size, from 1:1s to large-scale conferences

Feature-rich controls

Individual participants and moderators can customise the experience

Unlimited data feeds

All records, scans, and pathology reports required, at your fingertips


Anyone can join and participate, from anywhere

Simple and secure

NHS-approved and trusted for reliability, ease-of-use and data privacy

Some of the medical organisations trusting Visionable

In the UK we work with more than 100 NHS organisations.

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